Syspro Website Desktop Notifications


Stay updated in real time on orders and sales as best internet entrepreneurs do. When customers buy from your online store, you want to be immediately notified.


Syspro Website Desktop Notifications allows you to receive real-time notifications right on your PC screen letting you know about orders and sales, a quick and easy way to feel connected to your customers and their needs.

Each notification contains links to the processed order and you’ll be free to customize your messages with icons and sounds, and even decide which role the users will take.

This means that you would be able to enable order notification for failed orders to your shop manager and notify admins about confirmed sales and so on…

We have created yet another add-on that allows you to have full control over your website. Discover its full potential in detail!



Enable desktop notifications related to your store

For a new sale, a refunded order, an order status change, an out-of-stock product, a product with low stock

5 types of notification available

Customize the notifications

By inserting title and description using the specific placeholders

Customize notification

Enable notifications for all or only some users

Choosing from the different user roles

Role notifications

Set the notification duration

By inserting the number of seconds to show the message

Notification length

Select icon and sound for each notification

By uploading new elements when the available ones don’t match your need

Icon and sound notifications


  • Enable notifications for the following conditions:
  • a specific product has been sold
  • a new order has been created
  • the order changed its status
  • the order has been refunded
  • the product turned into “Out of Stock” status
  • the product has low stock
  • Limit the notification only to users with a specific associated role
  • Customize the notification text
  • Customize the notification icon and sound
  • Upload new icons (.png, .jpg) and sounds (.mp3)
  • Set the duration to show the notification
  • Play the sound for the whole duration of the notification


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