Syspro E-Commerce Bulk Editor


Syspro E-Commerce Products Bulk Editor and Products Manager is WordPress add-on for bulk edit and for managing E-Commerce products in a robust and flexible way!



✅ Power and Flexible way to control your products

✅ Bulk Editing of all E-Commerce fields: attributes, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, meta fields

✅ Bulk Operations with variable products variations

✅ Filtering by all E-Commerce products fields for further bulk editing or export

✅ Products Export using native Syspro E-Commerce data format which allows import data back using native Syspro E-Commerce importer

✅ History of Bulk and Solo operations with roll-back possibility

✅ Add necessary Meta Fields to the system and manage by them. JSONed (serialized) metadata bulk editing is possible with nice popup where data constructor is in-built!

✅ Price Calculator for decimal fields

✅ Advanced operations with variable products and their variations

✅ Binded editing – edit several products with two clicks!

✅ Change prices relatively

✅ Nice and convenient Syspro E-Commerce Products Editor with rich HTML elements

✅ Instant saving of entered data by AJAX

✅ Automatic attach of any taxonomies related to the products for further editing

✅ POSSIBILITY of joint editing of the products without interference to each other.

✅ Profiles for any set of columns for quick loading

✅ Profiles for any filters combination for quick loading


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  • Bulk Remove Sale Dates

    This operation is possible with enabled “binded editing” mode only, where products should be selected by checkboxes:
    If necessary make filtration by your logicSet pagination value to the max necessarySelect products using checkboxes (press SHIFT keyboard to select from first to last)Enable binded editing modeClick ‘Clear’ button on any selected productWait until operation finished

  • Can I bulk increase multiplying product prices like ‘price x 2’ instead of by percentage?

    Yes, but you will need to use percentage anyway, apply 200% in this case!

  • Can I copy products title into slug field using bulk edit?

    Yes! Use variable {TITLE} in the bulk editing form.

    Hint: if clear the slug cell it will re-generated the slug using product title string!

  • Change products price value for 15% in regular price

    Yes! It is possible to manipulate with regular prices of Syspro E-Commerce products, and change products price value related to their current value.

    Select products using checkboxes or filter them by any parameters you need

    Open Bulk Editor form

    Find field ‘regular price’ and check it by checkbox near

    Enter 15 in the textinput and in the drop-down near it select ‘increase by %’

    Click on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ and wait while the operation finish

  • How to add to existing gallery 2 new images using bulk edit?

    Task: 370 products with defined set of gallery images in each product. How to add 2 more images?
    Enable column ‘Gallery’ in the tab Settings and press Save button thereBy Filters select the products by categories or other parametersOpen Bulk Edit tab -> tab AdditionalFind and enable there button ‘Images’Using button in the opened popup window add image(s) you want to add to the selected productsIn the drop-down select: ‘Add selected images to the products in the popup to the already existed ones’Press ‘Apply’ buttonPress ‘Do Bulk Edit’ and wait until operation finishedThe same algorithm works for images deleting.
    Note: steps above are actual for the operations ‘add’ and ‘delete’ in: ‘Download files’, ‘Cross-sells’, ‘Up-sells’, ‘Grouped products’

  • How to add Syspro E-Commerce products custom taxonomies

    Custom taxonomies allows you to create such notions for your products as locations for example.

  • How to detach completely an attribute from the product?

    For example you decided to detach completely attribute Material from the variable products. Do next steps:
    Using the functionality of the tab ‘Filters’ make filtering of the products by type: ‘Variable’ and also if necessary you can filter by more parametersIf you need to change only some products you can select them using checkboxes in the Products Editor or skip this step. Also you should know that you can do this operation without any filtering using product selection by checkboxes only.Go to tab ‘Bulk Edit’ and enable there in section taxonomies attribute ‘Product Material’Do not select any terms in the drop-down for the ‘materials’ there but select behavior in the near drop-down: ‘replace’Click on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ and wait until operation is finishedIf you want you can rollback changes in the tab History

  • How to edit product variations using bulk?

    Using tab Filters filter all products by product type – variableIf you have a lot of variations per product (>10) set products per page no more than 5 to avoid server 500 error. And it is better to activate columns only which you need for your current bulk operation.On tools panel activate switcher ‘variations’Now if you open tab Bulk Edit all visible fields will be able to edit “products variations” only, ignoring their parent-products

  • How to filter Syspro E-Commerce products by attachment of taxonomies/attributes to them

    For such filtration there is no necessary select terms as it filters by taxonomy/attribute attachment to the product generally, and not for terms.

  • How to order product variations using bulk?

    Its possible using ‘Ordering’ tab of Variations Advanced Bulk Operations

  • How to remove all products variations at all?

    If you need to remove all products variations from all variables products of your shop:
    In the Filter select product type ‘variable’ and filter by itAfter filtering on the tools panel click on button ‘Variations Advanced Bulk Operations’There go to tab Deleting and select ‘Delete all products variations’Click on ‘Start deleting’ button and wait until deleting finishedIf you need to delete the product variations from the products of any product category – in the tab Filter also select the category (or their combination) you need!
    Also if there are only some products which you can see on one page – do not use Filtering – select variables-products using checkbox and do the same another described above.

  • How to remove images from the gallery of some products?

    Two ways about how to clean the gallery of some products, and for this operation column ‘Gallery’ should be activated!
    Way 1:Use checkboxes to select some productsEnable ‘binded editing’ switcherClick on Gallery button of any selected productIn the opened popup remove all images and press ‘Apply’ buttonWait until changes apply to all other selected productsWay 2:Use the Filter tab functionality where you should filter products by parameters you needThen go to tab Bulk Edit -> AdditionalSelect using checkbox Gallery fieldClick on Images button there and remove all images there if presented, or/and press ‘Apply’ buttonClick on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ button and wait until bulk operation for filtered products appliesOf course using way 2 it is possible to clean galleries of all products in the shop if to miss step one there (filtering)

  • How to remove sale prices by bulk operation

    Do filtration or selection of the products if it necessary, then go to tab Bulk Edit, find field ‘Sale price’ and set there ‘-1’ and select operation ‘set new’

  • How to remove selected downloads?

    If you want to delete file from the products downloads use that file link with the next algorithm:
    Select by checkboxes or/and make filtering of products from which you want to delete that download link(s)Go to Bulk Edit tab -> tab Advanced -> select ‘Downloads’ and open its popup thereSelect in the drop-down there option ‘Remove selected downloads’Press button ‘Add File’ and set files you want to deletePress ‘Apply’ button on popupClick on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ button and wait until operation finished

  • How to reset page cache in the browser

    press CTRL+R



    Apple + R or command + R (apple)

    in Chrome browser the best way is:

    Open the developer tools: Ctrl + Shift + I

    Now, leaving the panel open, left click on the “Update” button (next to the address line) and do not release the button.

    After a few seconds, you will see a drop-down menu in which there will be an item: Clearing the cache and hardware reboot.

  • How to set different prices to the different variations? I need a different price for each size

    Example of the task: user has products like posters with foreground color, background color and poster size. Colors here no matter, matters only size which makes the price. So we have: poster 10×12 for RM10, 15×20 for RM14, etc … How to set the price using bulk editing for each such product variation?
    Using tab Filters – filter “variable products” with category posters if such one existsIf you have about 50 variations per product set products per page 5 to avoid memory fail on the server side. In such cases better activate columns which you need for current operation only!On tools panel enable ‘variations’ switcherOpen tab “Bulk Edit” and select there attributes combination(s) you wantSet regular price value (and/or sale price value if you need)Click ‘Do Bulk Edit’ buttonWait until the operation finished

  • How to set sale prices lower than regular for 20%?

    There is 2 ways: use binded editing or Bulk Editing.
    First way:This way is good when you can do it for some products or variations on the same one page in the Products EditorSelect some productsEnable ‘binded editing’ switcherHover on any selected product sell price cell and click on calculator iconIn calculator select: rp- and in the text field there enter 20, and in the last drop-down select percentsSelect prices rounding if you need itClick on blue accept button on the calculator and wait until this bulk operation is finishedIf you did smth wrong you can roll back this operation in the tab History
    Second way:In this way you can apply changes to all products on the site or to the filtered ones by your logic.So make products filtering by category or categories, or/and any other parameters if you need itGo to tab Bulk Edit and select field ‘Sale price’ thereEnter 20 in the textinputIn the drop-down select ‘regular price minus value’Click on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ button and wait until operation is finished

  • How to set the same value for some products on the same time

    Binded editing feature will help:
    Select first product you need using checkbox in the most left columnPress SHIFT button on your keyboard and without releasing it click on the last (last by your logic) product checkboxOn the tools panel enable ‘binded editing’Enter any value to any field of any selected product you needWait until operation is finishedHint: really this operation is bulk editing, so you can cancel it in tab Bulk Edit and then roll back it in tab History

  • How to swap one attribute to another without product variation deleting?

    Task: I have 3000 variable products in the shop and I want to search attributes and set new attributes instead. For example items marked with the color attribute  ‘Brown’ are searched and changed to ‘Red’ without data deletion – Brown should be replaced by Red and nothing more should be changed!

    Yes, it is possible with tab Swap in Variations Advanced Bulk Operations

  • How to toggle variations to be “enabled” or “disabled”

    If you need to disable any variation(s) in variables products you can do next:
    In the Filter select product type ‘variable’ and click on ‘Filter’ buttonOn tools panel enable switcher ‘variations’Now you can select (using checkbox in the first column) product variations which you want to disable OR if you have a lot of such variations in tab Bulk Edit check post status and select  ‘Private’. Of course if that variation belongs to the products which belong to any category or any other attributes you can continue with filtering of variable products to avoid looking them in all variable products in the shop – so if you can use Filter for targeting – use Filter.Now main thing: select on the top of tab “Bulk Edit” all combinations of variations you want to disable using button ‘Add attributes combination to apply on’: select attributes you need and then if you going to disable 2 combinations click on that button 2 times, and in generated drop-downs below set combinations.

    After checking twice that you did all right click on ‘Do Bulk Edit’ and wait while operation will be finished
    If you decided that you did something wrong – you can roll-back operation in tab History 

  • How to work with the products which have a sale price?

    I need to see and work with the products which have sale prices.
    Using Filters find all products where the sale price greater than 1.

  • Is it possible to add new attribute terms in the existing attributes using bulk?

    Yes! You can apply operation ‘Attaching’ using Variations Advanced Bulk Operations

  • Is there a way to limit the role of Shop Manager?

    Task: I want the Shop Manager to be able to update the prices and stock quantity only and nothing else.
    Yes, you can, in tab Settings click columns you need using checkbox ‘visible for shop manager’

  • Is there any way to add SKUs with variations?

    Syspro E-Commerce Bulk Editor allows adding SKU to products variations of variable products.
    For example, the main product with 10 variations – the main product SKU is wp-pennant and I would like to be able to add variations 1-10 like: wp-pennant-1, wp-pennant-2, wp-pennant-3, etc.
    Nearly Yes. Instead of -1,-2,-3 can be applied variation ID or its menu order (but it is not the best idea as menu order is will be recounted after adding new variation), so it is possible to get such results as: wp-pennant-256, wp-pennant-475, wp-pennant-12
    In the Products Editor enable variations switcherNow you can use bind editing OR bulk editing (see the screens)For both ways use syntax: {PARENT_SKU}-{ID} OR apply {PARENT_SKU}-{MENU_ORDER}Read more about variables here.

  • Is there any way to edit products together with my team at the same time?

    Yes! Different users can edit products together at the same time using Syspro E-Commerce Products Editor not interfering with each other as each user has its own options in the add-on system.

    Even more: site admin can allow or not allow to the “shop Managers” which products fields they can use in the tab Settings:

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