Fujifilm Instax Mini


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“instax mini 11”

i)“Automatic Exposure” function for attaining optimum exposure settings for any scenes

The “Automatic Exposure” function automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, and optimizes the shutter speed and flash output according to the condition. The camera can take photos optimally exposed to the main subject and the background in a variety of situations including indoors and in low lights, producing high-quality instant photo prints on the spot.

ii)“Selfie Mode” for taking selfies and close-ups with ease

Users can activate the Selfie Mode, perfect for taking selfies and close-up shots, by simply pulling out the front end edge of the lens after powering the camera on. This makes it super easy to take selfies and close-up pictures.

iii)Custom, interchangeable accessories for the shutter button

The camera comes with two replaceable and stylish shutter button accessories; a fun and easy way to change the button’s look and to personalize the camera.

iV)Highly fashionable design with attention to details

Not only it being thinner and lighter than the previous model, the mini 11 sports a rounded body design that fits perfectly in user’s hands. Fashionable design elements on the mini 11 are achieved by using a different material around the lens from the rest of the camera body, and featuring the brand logo “instax” engraved on the rear panel. The camera is available in five pale-tone colors


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