Flat Mop Set


Redeem with 226 Coins



-【Double Scraper Tank Design】 Dry and wash area are separated for you to clean you mop head more hygienically, clean water and dirty water won’t be mixed together.
-【Free Hand-Washing】 With our product, you can wash and dry the mop without bending and dirtying your hands anymore. Mopping the floor can be an easy thing!
-【Place-Saving】 Width of the mop is only 10cm, so you could put it even in a small place, it won’t take up any place.
-【Microfiber Mop Pad】 Microfiber mop pad with double effect cloth, white fiber is for absorbing ; grey fiber is for decontaminating. Double effect, double cleanliness.
-【High Quality Material】 The rod is made from stainless steel, with EVA handle, makes it sturdy and comfortable ; mop pad is made from microfiber, helps you clean the floor efficiently.
-【Removable Washing Basket Design】 The washing basket can be removed, so that you can clean the bucket more thoroughly, there won’t have any dirt stuck in the gap anymore.
-【360° Rotation Rod】360° Rotation Rod with slim mop plate allows you to clean any corner in your house, like under the bed and sofa, leave no DEAD ANGLE when cleaning.

?Applicable Scenarios?
1. Wooden Floor
2. Marble floor
3. Cement Floor
4. Bamboo floor

1. Brand: MyJae
2. Model: MOAPB
3. Material: Plastic, Polyester, Stainless Steel
4. Length:123cm
5. Bucket Size:39x23x18.5cm
6. Mop Head:33cm

?Package Contents?
Mop Pole*1, Mop Bucket*1, Mop Cloth*2


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