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Syspro Master Slider WordPress slider add-on is a truly responsive and device friendly slider which works perfectly on all major devices.


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Syspro Master Slider add-on is an awesome layer slider as well, with the ability to add any HTML contents (texts, images, …) in layers. It is easy to use, plus there are 80+ ready to use sample sliders for you. You have almost everything such as hotspots, thumbnails, video support, a variety of effects, and many more features in this add-on. Syspro Master Slider slider is the most complete among the best sliders.


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Parallax Slider

Syspro Master Slider slider add-on provides easy to use parallax templates that you can use on your website. These parallax templates let you design your parallax slider in less than ten minutes, by simply using our parallax templates and master slider visual editor. Parallax slider works smoothly on all themes, with any content that you want to use for your slider.


Touch slider

Syspro Master slider add-on touch navigation, offers a variety of options like touch swipe on mobile and drag and drop option for the desktop. Our touch-enabled media slider allows users to drag and swipe the slides smoothly. Master Slider is one of the easiest add-on, which also greatly extends functionality into touch-support mobile devices.


Video gallery

Video gallery is one of the most important tools for business owners, to promote their services or products. Syspro Master Slider add-on allows users to create stunning Youtube and Vimeo sliders for their website. With Master Slider ready-to-use video templates, you can create an elegant video gallery just in minutes.


Youtube Slider

The best add-on to create Youtube slider, is Syspro Master Slider slider add-on. All you need is to choose one of our Youtube video slider templates and embed the link of the Youtube video. Creating Master Slider Youtube Slider is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic and shares for your website.


Layered Slider

Syspro Master Slider layer slider add-on has different layers with amazing options. There are five editable layers you can add to your slides: Text layer, image layer, video layer, button layer, and hotspot layer. You can simply customize the style, transition, and content of each layer. Each layer can be animated too! With animated layers, you can insert or embed HTML formatted texts, links, images, and videos directly into your slides and add unique animation parameters such as effect, duration, delay, etc.


Image and Content Slider

You can create an image and content slider with Syspro Master Slider  slider add-on. Any content can be added to the slider. Syspro Master Slider awesome features help you easily add images and other content, besides, you can customize them in any way you wish. Syspro Master Slider lets you add transition and style to any element in the slides. Also, you are able to have an image slider. Adding images to the slides is as simple as dragging the images into the slides, the images will be automatically added to slides.


Flickr Slider

There are different image services. Instead of uploading the same images you have already used on those websites, it is easier to get your images automatically from there and show your images on a slider. Syspro Master Slider add-on integrates with Flickr and lets you create a slider by your Flickr images. Your latest Flickr images will appear on a slider, with or without author name, image title, and image description as a text layer on the slides.


Post Slider

With more than ten extremely creative post slider templates, Syspro Master Slider is the best slider add-on to display your website posts in a classy slideshow. Just select one of our post slider templates and build your lovely slider without editing your current posts. You can simply choose a category or more than one category, and represent all of the available posts on a slider automatically.


Syspro Slider

Syspro Master slider is the best product gallery slider that turns your website to an interactive product gallery. With a variety of Syspro slider templates, you are able to improve your product image slider and increase your sale conversion rate.



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