Joystick for Gamepad


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Product Specifications: Product size: 15.6 * 6.8 * 5.1mm Product weight: 160g Specifications: Support: single dozen/double dozen wireless game controller Additional functions: joystick Connection method: wireless 2.4G transmission Interface type: USB interface Suitable for WIN7, 8, 10/Android phone/TV box/smart TV/PS3 Product Details: ♫ 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller 1.This game controller has no Bluetooth function, using mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology! Superior automatic connection and connection instructions. 2.With the human body curve design, you won’t feel tired even if you are addicted to the game for a long time! 3.NOTE:NO Vibration Function!! ♫ Compatible with PC, Android Mobile Phone(must support OTG function), Android Pad. 4.Not compatible with Iphone and Macbook!!! 5.This controller need to install 3rd party app to help the game work,do not work for official game. ♫ TV Box & Smart TV Can be Used 6.Supports Android 4.0 and up.No vibration, mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology, remote control 8m no latency, no radiation, and a sense of human design. An ultra strong, automatic connection and connection instructions. ♫ Powering Saving 7.Low power infrared connection!This controller requires two AAA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our package does not send batteries. Customers need to buy them at their local stores. ♫ Two Models Of OTG 8.Type-c and Miceo Usb OTG!There is always a model that fits your phone! Please make sure your phone has an OTG function. If not, the gamepad will not be compatible with your phone. ♫ Product Detail 9.The ergonomic design of this gamepad, the lightweight structure allows you to play a game for a long time without a cumbersome and sleepy feeling! Makes you feel very comfortable throughout the process! Package List(as option picture shown): 2 * Wireless gamepad (optional) 1 * USB OTG converter 1 * Android OTG converter 1 * Receiver 1 * Bracket (optional)


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