DESSINI Sandwich Maker


Redeem with 114 Coins



Product Description:
• DESSINI 750W Electric Double Sided Sandwich Maker
​​​​​​​• Model: DS-417B
• Does not only have one but two grilling surfaces!
• You can choose to sandwich your ingredient so both sides get to cook at the same time.
• Able to flip the meat without any of it sticking to the surface.
• Makes the appearance of the meat better and more inviting to eat.
• The non-stick coating is ideal for frying, easy to clean.
• Prevents food from overheating so your food won’t get burnt.
• Allows you to easily grill your food, making it very easy and accessible for you
• Make cooking fun and easy with the multi-purpose electric fry pan.
• Ease of use combined with energy saving technology
• Features with corrugated heating ring to heat evenly.
• Compact size, take up little space in your kitchen.
• Great for cooking panini, waffle, bacon, eggs, crepes, pancakes, etc.
• Reversible grill, cool-touch handle


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